All the things I like.
Doctor Who. Matt Smith the King/French Duke of Hipsters.
Ugly jumpers. Garments, I'd like to purchase. Shoes.
Misfits. Glee. Darren Criss. MGMT. Foals. Other music. Harry Potter. Rupert Grint. AVPM. The Big Bang Theory. Black Books. Andrew Garfield. Arthur Darvill. Sherlock. Benedict Cumberbatch. Tim Burton. Helena Bonham-Carter. Hayao Miyazaki. Disney. Food.
Sugar, spice and all things nice.
And other shit.



but its not just that i miss merlin the show

i miss the stupid video diaries and the cast interviews and the bloopers and cast bonding and all those stupid bradley and colin moments we just wont get anymore 

and i just miss everything about merlin most days

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everyone is getting into relationships and growing up and im just getting lazier and finding more tv series to watch

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Nie zważając na niesprzyjające warunki atmosferyczne, Jan odwiedza grób Szczepana, by wymodlić cud zmartwychwstania.

cud zmartwychwastania

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I want to see something, Reblog if you’re older than 25 and younger than 40.



I feel ancient here

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new year’s resolution:

be more punk rock

eat whatever the fuck i want

go to concerts

kiss a boy

world domination


how come we dont talk about these disney movies more?

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i think it’s a universal truth that everyone in our generation takes pluto’s losing its planetary status as a personal offense


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